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Brymner, William, Scotland 1855 to 1925 Oil Paintings

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William Brymner was born in Greenock, Scotland in 1855 and died in 1925. At the age of 3 the Brymer family moved to Lower Canada, and again at age 9 they moved to Montreal. In 1878 he enrolled at the Academy Julian in Paris studying architecture. Bothe of his teachers at the academy, William-Adolphe Bouguereau and Tony Robert-Fleury, were famous naturalist artists. Brymners work is impressionist and painterly in style and depicts beautiful rural landscapes as well as working-class figures.
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In The Orchid

In The Orchid by  William Brymner (Painting ID: ED-0342-KA)

The Weaver

The Weaver by  William Brymner (Painting ID: ED-0346-KA)

A Wreath of Flowers

A Wreath of Flowers by  William Brymner (Painting ID: LA-0619-KA)

Border of the Forest of Fontainebleau

Border of the Forest of Fontainebleau by  William Brymner (Painting ID: LA-0621-KA)

Champ-de-Mars, Winter

Champ-de-Mars, Winter by  William Brymner (Painting ID: LA-0623-KA)

Early Moonrise in September

Early Moonrise in September by  William Brymner (Painting ID: LA-0625-KA)

Evening Sainte Famille

Evening Sainte Famille by  William Brymner (Painting ID: LA-0627-KA)

Haying Near Quebec

Haying Near Quebec by  William Brymner (Painting ID: LA-0629-KA)

Summer Landscape 31

Summer Landscape 31 by  William Brymner (Painting ID: LA-0631-KA)

Yale in the Morning

Yale in the Morning by  William Brymner (Painting ID: LA-0633-KA)