Bricher, Alfred Thompson, American 1837 to 1908 Oil Paintings

Alfred Thompson Bricher was born in New Hampshire in 1837 and died in New York in 1908. He was a painter firmly connected with the Hudson River School. As a young fellow, he went to the Academy at Newburyport, Massachusetts. Even though he started his vocation as a finance manager, he was inspired continuously by human expressions. It wasn't until 1858 that he gave himself entirely to expressions of the human experience, seeking after it as a full-time occupation. At age 31, he moved to New York City and started displaying his work.

It was there that he changed from the utilization of oil paints to watercolors. In 1873, he was picked to turn into an individual from the American Watercolor Society after six years. Bricher's work comprises mainly sea compositions with few dissipated scene scenes too. He supported coastlines and beaches, once in a while incorporating and infrequently figures in his career. Bricher kicked the bucket in 1908 in Staten Island, New York.
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