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Bosch, Hieronymus, Netherlands 1450 to 1516 Oil Paintings

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Hieronymus Bosch spent much of his life in the Dutch town of s'Hertogenbosch, after which he was named. This town was outside the mainstream of Dutch Art of this time, which lends to the belief that Bosch led a very secluded life. Bosch's art contains images that draw from religious symbolism, fantasy, nightmare and folk legend. The roots of modern movements, particularly Surrealism can be seen in his many involved and complicated works. The fact that none of his paintings, of which about forty survive, is dated, makes it very difficult to trace his artistic development and add to the mystery that surrounds him as an artist. It is however, through his art, that we must learn about the man. His pictures follow a regular form clearly illustrating the tensions of the times. Bosch was quite obsessed with portraying the sins of men and his vision of the punishments for and consequences of such actions. In The Garden of Earthly Delights we see mankind being tempted to indulge in excessive behaviours and the resultant punishment with Bosch's own vision of hell. It is indeed a nightmare with bird-like creatures devouring sinners and digesting them into a pitch black pit where they are condemned to serve the darker forces.In his lifetime Bosch inspired many imitators, his influence rapidly spread through prints. Bruegel, however, was one artist who was able to incorporate Bosch's imagery into his own vision. Even after his death he remained popular in many quarters with Phillip II of Spain being one avid collector of his paintings.
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Christ Carrying the Cross

Christ Carrying the Cross by  Hieronymus Bosch (Painting ID: DA-7201-KA)

Christ Crowned with Thorns 02

Christ Crowned with Thorns 02 by  Hieronymus Bosch (Painting ID: DA-7202-KA)

Christ on Cross with Donors and Saints

Christ on Cross with Donors and Saints by  Hieronymus Bosch (Painting ID: DA-7203-KA)

St. Christopher Carrying the Christ Child

St. Christopher Carrying the Christ Child by  Hieronymus Bosch (Painting ID: DA-7204-KA)

St. John the Baptist 05

St. John the Baptist 05 by  Hieronymus Bosch (Painting ID: DA-7205-KA)

St. John the Evangelist of Patmos

St. John the Evangelist of Patmos by  Hieronymus Bosch (Painting ID: DA-7206-KA)


Epiphany by  Hieronymus Bosch (Painting ID: DA-7210-KA)

The Stone Operation

The Stone Operation by  Hieronymus Bosch (Painting ID: DA-7211-KA)

Ecce Home

Ecce Home by  Hieronymus Bosch (Painting ID: DA-7212-KA)