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Blechen, Karl, Germany 1797 to 1840 Oil Paintings

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Carl Blechen 1797-1840, born in Cottbus, arrived in Berlin at the age of 16 where he, at the request of his father, completed his commercial studies and then worked for several years in banking. His creative talent became increasingly apparent, began his studies in 1822 at the Art Academy in Berlin. In Berlin Karl Friedrich Schinkel recognized Blechen's exceptional talent as a painter and obtained for him a position as stage painter to the royal theater. During 1829/1830 Blechen traveled throughout Italy. With the impressions he gathered from the towns and various landscapes he began painting in a style distinguished by its relaxed, flowing painterly execution. The liberal brushstroke that Blechen used allowed for an amalgamation of individual pictorial elements: landscape, architecture and staffage merge into a symbiotic whole. Owing to progressive bouts of depression, Blechen was soon unable to work and was placed in a psychiatric hospital, where he died in mental derangement. His work was enthusiastically received by his contemporaries, but was also, owing to its disregard for classical landscape painting ideals, cause for controversy.
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View of Rooftops and Gardens

View of Rooftops and Gardens by  Karl Blechen (Painting ID: LA-2880-KA)

Tivoli Gardens at the Villa d Este

Tivoli Gardens at the Villa d Este by  Karl Blechen (Painting ID: LA-2882-KA)

In the Palm House in Potsdam

In the Palm House in Potsdam by  Karl Blechen (Painting ID: LA-2884-KA)

Palm Court

Palm Court by  Karl Blechen (Painting ID: LA-2886-KA)

Grotto in the Gulf of Naples

Grotto in the Gulf of Naples by  Karl Blechen (Painting ID: LA-2888-KA)

Building the Devil s Bridge

Building the Devil s Bridge by  Karl Blechen (Painting ID: LA-2890-KA)

Sanssouci Palace

Sanssouci Palace by  Karl Blechen (Painting ID: LA-2892-KA)

Gorge at Amalfi

Gorge at Amalfi by  Karl Blechen (Painting ID: LA-2894-KA)

Scaffold in Storm

Scaffold in Storm by  Karl Blechen (Painting ID: LA-2896-KA)