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Ansdell, Richard, English 1815 to 1885 Oil Paintings

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Richard Ansdell was born in Liverpool, Lancashire in 1815 and died in 1885. He was an English painter and engraver, whose subject matter consisted mainly of animals and genre scenes using oil paint as his main medium. Ansdell studied at the Bluecoat School for Orphans. From an early age he pursued his natural talent in art. After graduating he worked as a portrait painter. At age 20 his formal art career was on the rise when he started exhibiting in places like the Liverpool Academy, the Royal Academy, and the British Institution. In 1841 he married and had 11 children, and moved to London. At the age of 70 he died.
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Ewe with Lambs and a Heron Beside a Loch

Ewe with Lambs and a Heron Beside a Loch by  Richard Ansdell (Painting ID: AN-0194-KA)


Goatherds by  Richard Ansdell (Painting ID: AN-0196-KA)

Good Friends 98

Good Friends 98 by  Richard Ansdell (Painting ID: AN-0198-KA)

The Blacksmiths Shop

The Blacksmiths Shop by  Richard Ansdell (Painting ID: AN-0204-KA)

The Gamekeeper

The Gamekeeper by  Richard Ansdell (Painting ID: AN-0325-KA)

The Lucky Dogs

The Lucky Dogs by  Richard Ansdell (Painting ID: AN-0329-KA)

Lost in the Storm

Lost in the Storm by  Richard Ansdell (Painting ID: AN-0333-KA)


Rabbiting by  Richard Ansdell (Painting ID: AN-0335-KA)