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Animal Oil Paintings

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Animal paintings depict colorful birds such as tucans, parrots, humming birds, flacons, eagles, roosters, chickens, ducks, cockatoos and swans. Animal paintings show animals in their natural habitat and in farms and ponds.
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Wild Goats Dance

Wild Goats Dance by  Arthur Bowen Davis (Painting ID: AB-0764-KA)

The Fox

The Fox by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AF-0143-KA)

The Wolves

The Wolves by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AF-0144-KA)

Blue and Black Fox

Blue and Black Fox by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AF-0145-KA)

Two Cats

Two Cats by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AF-0148-KA)

Deer in the Forest

Deer in the Forest by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AF-0151-KA)

The Sheep

The Sheep by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AF-0154-KA)

Gelbe Kuh

Gelbe Kuh by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AF-0155-KA)

The Dream 56

The Dream 56 by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AF-0156-KA)

The Dream 57

The Dream 57 by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AF-0157-KA)

Traumendes Pferd

Traumendes Pferd by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AF-0171-KA)

The Mandrill 77

The Mandrill 77 by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AF-0177-KA)

Kailani and the Moon

Kailani and the Moon by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AF-0178-KA)

Tiger 79

Tiger 79 by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AF-0179-KA)

Lioness Smells Flowers

Lioness Smells Flowers by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AF-0180-KA)

The Mandrill 76

The Mandrill 76 by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AG-0176-KA)

Ad Marginem

Ad Marginem by  Paul Klee (Painting ID: AK-0456-KA)


Goats by  Mathias J. Alten (Painting ID: AN-0001-KA)

The Little Fighters

The Little Fighters by  Julius Adam (Painting ID: AN-0015-KA)

Cats (1883)

Cats (1883) by  Julius Adam (Painting ID: AN-0017-KA)

The Small Patient

The Small Patient by  Julius Adam (Painting ID: AN-0019-KA)

Friendly Shelter

Friendly Shelter by  Julius Adam (Painting ID: AN-0021-KA)

Bunnies and Kids at the Gate

Bunnies and Kids at the Gate by  Julius Adam (Painting ID: AN-0023-KA)

One For All

One For All by  Julius Adam (Painting ID: AN-0025-KA)

The Hayloft

The Hayloft by  Julius Adam (Painting ID: AN-0027-KA)

The Playful Kittens

The Playful Kittens by  Julius Adam (Painting ID: AN-0029-KA)

The Blue Bow

The Blue Bow by  Julius Adam (Painting ID: AN-0031-KA)

Two Kittens

Two Kittens by  Julius Adam (Painting ID: AN-0033-KA)

Mother Cat with Two Kittens

Mother Cat with Two Kittens by  Julius Adam (Painting ID: AN-0035-KA)

Any Room in the Basket

Any Room in the Basket by  Julius Adam (Painting ID: AN-0037-KA)

Duck Baiting

Duck Baiting by  Henry Thomas Alchen (Painting ID: AN-0052-KA)

Coach Horses

Coach Horses by  Henry Thomas Alchen (Painting ID: AN-0062-KA)

Bull Baiting

Bull Baiting by  Samuel Henry Alchen (Painting ID: AN-0089-KA)

Woman with Leopards

Woman with Leopards by  Sarah Stilwell Weber (Painting ID: AN-0106-KA)

The Intruder

The Intruder by  James Ward (Painting ID: AN-0160-KA)

What Is It

What Is It by  James Ward (Painting ID: AN-0164-KA)


Goatherds by  Richard Ansdell (Painting ID: AN-0196-KA)

Good Friends 98

Good Friends 98 by  Richard Ansdell (Painting ID: AN-0198-KA)

The Blacksmiths Shop

The Blacksmiths Shop by  Richard Ansdell (Painting ID: AN-0204-KA)

Foxhounds and terriers in a Kennel

Foxhounds and terriers in a Kennel by  John Emms (Painting ID: AN-0371-KA)

Dogs at Display

Dogs at Display by  Christopher Wood (Painting ID: AN-0377-KA)

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Blue Morpho Butterfly by  Martin Johnson Heade (Painting ID: AN-0850-KA)


Falcon by  Sir Edwin Henry Landseer (Painting ID: AN-0941-KA)

The Lory

The Lory by  Sir Edwin Henry Landseer (Painting ID: AN-0943-KA)

A Nepalese Black Headed

A Nepalese Black Headed by  Archibald Thorburn (Painting ID: AN-0950-KA)

Bluetits on a Tease

Bluetits on a Tease by  Archibald Thorburn (Painting ID: AN-0952-KA)

White Chest Bird

White Chest Bird  (Painting ID: AN-0957-KA)

Birds on a Cherry Tree

Birds on a Cherry Tree  (Painting ID: AN-0958-KA)

More information about Animals
To heighten interior spaces aesthetically is a task that people accomplish in different ways. Some choose decorative accents or stuffed animals to liven their home, office or restaurant, while others may opt to purchase animal oil paintings. If you belong to the latter group, Oil Paintings Gallery brings you good news. Now you can choose from a wide range of animal paintings that speak of superb craftsmanship. Whether it’s an animal painting done in an abstract fashion that depicts a strong mood, or a realist piece depicting animal habitats, or even a scene depicting our feathered friends perched atop the branches, you can get all these and more from Oil Paintings Gallery.

Why Choose Animal Paintings offered by Oil Paintings Gallery
Unlike many other animal painting companies that use printed images, Oil Paintings Gallery brings museum quality, hand crafted animal and bird paintings, which are nothing short of the artworks that don the galleries of famous museums. The artists in charge of the paintings use top grade canvas and the finest oil paints to create the works of art with their brushstrokes. So, when you place your orders with this company, you are assured of getting 100% original craftsmanship, where work starts on a blank canvas and the final product is an artwork matching museum quality.
Buying from Oil Paintings Gallery will allow you to have a user friendly experience as you can shop by subjects, artists, styles, techniques, rooms, ratios, catalogs, and custom art. So, once you have decided which category you want to browse through, it’s easy to see all the animal paintings listed under that tab and select the one from which you can’t take your eyes off.
What’s more, you can even order reproduction of images showing animals or birds, which have been rated by experts as masterpieces. In case you want to get the replicas of some originals or classics, Oil Paintings Gallery would be happy to get the job done. If you have a pet at home and wish to immortalize the bond via a custom pet portrait, you can again ask the artists aboard Oil Paintings Gallery to bring the love and affection that you have for your pet to the canvas. You will need to give some regular snapshots of your pet to the artists, which would then be used as the basis to create a custom order that would capture the resemblance and spirit of your beloved pet.

Paintings to choose from
Be it animal paintings or bird paintings or even dog paintings, the artworks of Oil Paintings Gallery bring a wide variety of choices for you to take your pick from. While some of the animals are shown in their natural habitats, some others are depicted to be enjoying the surroundings of farms or taking a dip in ponds. So, while you can find a blue and black fox resting under a tree, or two cats drawn in accordance with the Fauvism style, you may also get to see a Nepalese Black Headed Munia perched atop a branch or two White Chest Birds against a lush green backdrop, which are drawn to fit the style of realism and naturalism. However, if you prefer animal oil paintings where humans are also an integral part of the setting, you need not go anywhere else as you can get them all at Oil Paintings Gallery. Be it the painting titled ‘Duck Baiting’ where you get to see a landscape with humans and animal figures, or ‘The Blacksmiths Shop’ where portrait of two horses could be seen behind two men in the foreground, you will get various options to select from. ‘Goatherds’ is yet another painting that has an animal landscape with a human figure as its subject against the backdrop of a rocky terrain and a fantastic blue sky, which is sure to mesmerize you.
So, act now to order your animal oil paintings and see how they transform your interiors completely for the better.
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