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Abstract, Contemporary Oil Paintings

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Abstract paintings are of art that has no reference to any figurative reality,it is art that depicts real forms in a simplified or reduced way ,keeping only an allusion of the original natural subject.Abstract art is not an invention of the twentieth century,in the Jewish and Islamic religions the depiction of human beings was not allowed therefore, the Islamic and Jewish cultures developed a high standard of decorative arts.
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Pour Homme

Pour Homme  (Painting ID: AB-0004-KA)


Alliance  (Painting ID: AB-0007-KA)


Experiment  (Painting ID: AB-0009-KA)


Grandeur  (Painting ID: AB-0010-KA)

Color Studies

Color Studies  (Painting ID: AB-0011-KA)
Red Tag Price!


Circles  (Painting ID: AB-0012-KA)

Blue Green and Red 14

Blue Green and Red 14  (Painting ID: AB-0014-KA)

Blue Green and Red 15

Blue Green and Red 15  (Painting ID: AB-0015-KA)


Naranja  (Painting ID: AB-0016-A)


Windows  (Painting ID: AB-0026-KA)

Irregular Shapes

Irregular Shapes  (Painting ID: AB-0069-KA)

Urban Abstract

Urban Abstract  (Painting ID: AB-0089-KA)

Abstract Landscape 90

Abstract Landscape 90  (Painting ID: AB-0090-KA)

Combination of Hues

Combination of Hues  (Painting ID: AB-0128-KA)

Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon  (Painting ID: AB-0138-KA)


Shadows  (Painting ID: AB-0175-KA)


Dual  (Painting ID: AB-0192-KA)


Browns  (Painting ID: AB-0199-KA)


Cityscape  (Painting ID: AB-0206-KA)


City  (Painting ID: AB-0210-KA)


Splash  (Painting ID: AB-0216-KA)


Lightning  (Painting ID: AB-0243-KA)

Vibration 2

Vibration 2  (Painting ID: AB-0262-KA)

Vibration 10

Vibration 10  (Painting ID: AB-0270-KA)

Landscape 78

Landscape 78  (Painting ID: AB-0278-KA)

Landscape 84

Landscape 84  (Painting ID: AB-0284-KA)

Landscape 86

Landscape 86  (Painting ID: AB-0286-KA)


Seascape  (Painting ID: AB-0292-KA)

Tour de France 97

Tour de France 97  (Painting ID: AB-0297-KA)

Tour de France 98

Tour de France 98  (Painting ID: AB-0298-KA)

Tour de France 99

Tour de France 99  (Painting ID: AB-0299-KA)

Explosion 05

Explosion 05  (Painting ID: AB-0305-KA)

Bold Colored Landscape

Bold Colored Landscape  (Painting ID: AB-0317-KA)

Autumn Landscape 18

Autumn Landscape 18  (Painting ID: AB-0318-KA)

Abstract Landscape 19

Abstract Landscape 19  (Painting ID: AB-0319-KA)

Abstract 5

Abstract 5  (Painting ID: AB-0691-KA)

Abstract 7

Abstract 7  (Painting ID: AB-0693-KA)

Abstract 9

Abstract 9  (Painting ID: AB-0695-KA)

Poppies 97

Poppies 97  (Painting ID: AB-0697-KA)

Earth Colors

Earth Colors  (Painting ID: AB-1001-KA)

Mystery 13

Mystery 13  (Painting ID: AB-1013-KA)

Storm Aproaching

Storm Aproaching  (Painting ID: AB-1031-KA)


Thunderstorm  (Painting ID: AB-1033-KA)


Highway  (Painting ID: AB-1044-KA)

Yellow and Burgundy

Yellow and Burgundy  (Painting ID: AB-1048-KA)

Burgandy and Yellow

Burgandy and Yellow  (Painting ID: AB-1050-A)
Special Price!

Warm Yellows 54

Warm Yellows 54  (Painting ID: AB-1054-KA)
Red Tag Price!

Beige and White

Beige and White  (Painting ID: AB-1063-KA)

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