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Abbema, Louise, France 1858 to 1927 Oil Paintings

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Louise Abbema was born in Etampes, Seine-et-Oise, France in the fall of 1853 and died in Paris in July of 1927. She was known as an accomplished painter, printmaker, sculptor, designer, and writer. Her work focuses mainly on portraiture and flowers, and was exibted in the Paris Salon often. She received many awards and recognition including an honorable mention from the salon and the 1900 Exposition Universelle Medal. Specializing in oils and watercolors, her work suggests oriental influence.
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At the Piano

At the Piano by  Louise Abbema (Painting ID: ED-0115-KA)

Conzone del Pomeriggio

Conzone del Pomeriggio by  Louise Abbema (Painting ID: ED-0117-KA)

Flora 19

Flora 19 by  Louise Abbema (Painting ID: ED-0119-KA)


Musique by  Louise Abbema (Painting ID: ED-0121-KA)

Sara Bernhardt Hunting with Hounds

Sara Bernhardt Hunting with Hounds by  Louise Abbema (Painting ID: ED-0123-KA)

The Game of Croquet

The Game of Croquet by  Louise Abbema (Painting ID: ED-0125-KA)

Madame Duvellery

Madame Duvellery by  Louise Abbema (Painting ID: ED-0127-KA)