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1:1.5 Ratio Oil Paintings

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Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon  (Painting ID: AB-0138-KA)
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Stables by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AB-0170-KA)


Cityscape  (Painting ID: AB-0206-KA)


City  (Painting ID: AB-0210-KA)

Landscape 84

Landscape 84  (Painting ID: AB-0284-KA)

Landscape 86

Landscape 86  (Painting ID: AB-0286-KA)

Red House in a Park

Red House in a Park by  August Macke (Painting ID: AB-0307-KA)


Printemps by  Kasimir Malevich (Painting ID: AB-0315-KA)

Autumn Landscape 18

Autumn Landscape 18  (Painting ID: AB-0318-KA)

Abstract Landscape 19

Abstract Landscape 19  (Painting ID: AB-0319-KA)

Violin and Guitar

Violin and Guitar  by  Juan Gris (Painting ID: AB-0503-KA)

Landscape at Ceret

Landscape at Ceret by  Juan Gris (Painting ID: AB-0521-KA)

Landscape with Houses at Ceret

Landscape with Houses at Ceret by  Juan Gris (Painting ID: AB-0522-KA)

Terrace of the Country House in St Germain

Terrace of the Country House in St Germain by  August Macke (Painting ID: AB-0564-KA)

Girls in the Forest

Girls in the Forest by  August Macke (Painting ID: AB-0588-KA)

Leave Taking

Leave Taking by  August Macke (Painting ID: AB-0590-KA)

Head of a Peasant

Head of a Peasant by  Kasimir Malevich (Painting ID: AB-0612-KA)

Portrait of I.V.Kylun

Portrait of I.V.Kylun by  Kasimir Malevich (Painting ID: AB-0626-KA)

Suprematism Construction

Suprematism Construction by  Kasimir Malevich (Painting ID: AB-0646-KA)

Supremus No. 50

Supremus No. 50 by  Kasimir Malevich (Painting ID: AB-0650-KA)

Abstract 5

Abstract 5  (Painting ID: AB-0691-KA)

Abstract 7

Abstract 7  (Painting ID: AB-0693-KA)

In the Red Room

In the Red Room by  Edouard Vuillard (Painting ID: AB-0745-KA)

The Florist

The Florist by  Edouard Vuillard (Painting ID: AB-0749-KA)


Dances by  Arthur Bowen Davis (Painting ID: AB-0768-KA)

Abstract Collage 30

Abstract Collage 30  (Painting ID: AB-2130-KA)

Fauve Landscape 01

Fauve Landscape 01 by  Alfred Henry Maurer (Painting ID: AB-6101-KA)

Still Life 66

Still Life 66 by  Lyubov Popova (Painting ID: AB-8466-KA)


Philosopher by  Lyubov Popova (Painting ID: AB-8468-KA)

Portrait of a Woman

Portrait of a Woman by  Lyubov Popova (Painting ID: AB-8470-KA)

Man in the Cafe

Man in the Cafe by  Juan Gris (Painting ID: AB-8501-KA)

Portrait of Josette

Portrait of Josette by  Juan Gris (Painting ID: AB-8522-KA)

Reaper 70

Reaper 70 by  Kasimir Malevich (Painting ID: AB-9070-KA)

An Englishman in Russia

An Englishman in Russia by  Kasimir Malevich (Painting ID: AB-9072-KA)

Dacia Owner

Dacia Owner by  Kasimir Malevich (Painting ID: AB-9080-KA)

Three Figures

Three Figures by  Kasimir Malevich (Painting ID: AB-9086-KA)

Mount Zion Jerusalem

Mount Zion Jerusalem by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0312-KA)

Olive Trees in the Judean Hills

Olive Trees in the Judean Hills by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0316-KA)

At the Foot of Mount Hermon

At the Foot of Mount Hermon by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0321-KA)

Mother Nature

Mother Nature by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0355-KA)


Deliverance by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0359-KA)

Memorial 2

Memorial 2 by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0368-KA)

The Jazz Singer 22

The Jazz Singer 22 by  Charles Demuth (Painting ID: AF-0122-KA)

The Fox

The Fox by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AF-0143-KA)

The Sheep

The Sheep by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AF-0154-KA)

The Dream 56

The Dream 56 by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AF-0156-KA)


Horses by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AF-0159-KA)

Two Horses 62

Two Horses 62 by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AF-0162-KA)

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