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Turner, William, England 1775 to 1851 Oil Paintings

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Joseph Turner was born near Covent Garden in London and entered the Royal Academy Schools in 1789. In his early twenties Turner's focus on historical landscapes. These large-scale paintings became divorced from nature and featured the loose, luminous brushwork and abstract conceptions for which he became known. A trip to Italy he altered his style, leading to his late emphasis on the power of color and light to create dramatic, evocative scenes. He became known as 'the painter of light', because of his increasing interest in brilliant colors as the main constituent in his land and seascapes. His paintings include water colors, oils and engravings. At the time his free, expressive treatment of these subjects was criticized, but it is now widely appreciated. Turner is perhaps the best-loved English Romantic artist.
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Fall of the Tees Yorkshire

Fall of the Tees Yorkshire by  William Turner (Painting ID: LA-6204-KA)

The Bass Rock

The Bass Rock by  William Turner (Painting ID: LA-6206-KA)

The_Passage of the St Gothard

The_Passage of the St Gothard by  William Turner (Painting ID: LA-6208-KA)

Petworth Park

Petworth Park by  William Turner (Painting ID: LA-6210-KA)

Ariccia Sunset

Ariccia Sunset by  William Turner (Painting ID: LA-6212-KA)

Ivy Bridge Devonshire

Ivy Bridge Devonshire by  William Turner (Painting ID: LA-6214-KA)

Glacier and Source

Glacier and Source by  William Turner (Painting ID: LA-6216-KA)

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