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Patio Oil Paintings

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Wicker Chair

Wicker Chair  (Painting ID: LA-3152-KA)
Special Price!

Floral Patio 53

Floral Patio 53  (Painting ID: LA-3153-KA)

Mediterranean Patio

Mediterranean Patio  (Painting ID: LA-3155-KA)

Patio for Two

Patio for Two  (Painting ID: LA-3175-KA)
Special Price!


Terrace  (Painting ID: LA-3177-KA)
Special Price!

Floral Patio 80

Floral Patio 80  (Painting ID: LA-3180-A)
Special Price!


Sonata  (Painting ID: LA-5340-KA)

Caribbean Patio

Caribbean Patio  (Painting ID: LA-6091-KA)

The Luncheon 23

The Luncheon 23 by  Claude Monet (Painting ID: MO-1123-KA)

The Luncheon 24

The Luncheon 24 by  Claude Monet (Painting ID: MO-1124-KA)


Wineglasses by  John Singer Sargent (Painting ID: SA-0127-KA)

Vase Fountain Pocantico

Vase Fountain Pocantico by  John Singer Sargent (Painting ID: SA-0128-KA)


Window by  Victor Borisov Musatov (Painting ID: SL-1019-KA)

Room with a View

Room with a View  (Painting ID: SL-1020-KA)

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