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Palette knife, textured Oil Paintings

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Still Life with Glass and Siphon

Still Life with Glass and Siphon by  Umberto Boccioni (Painting ID: AF-0338-KA)

Yellow Palette

Yellow Palette  (Painting ID: AG-0002-KA)

Merging Orange

Merging Orange  (Painting ID: AG-0003-KA)

Feeling Beige

Feeling Beige  (Painting ID: AG-0008-KA)


Achievement  (Painting ID: AG-0017-KA)


Speed  (Painting ID: AG-0025-KA)


Fields  (Painting ID: AG-0027-KA)

Farbige Formen

Farbige Formen by  August Macke (Painting ID: AG-0030-KA)

Colored Forms

Colored Forms by  August Macke (Painting ID: AG-0032-KA)

Yellow and Blue

Yellow and Blue  (Painting ID: AG-0064-KA)

Serene 1

Serene 1  (Painting ID: AG-0065-KA)

Light Sources

Light Sources  (Painting ID: AG-0067-KA)


Spectrum  (Painting ID: AG-0068-KA)

Blue Red and White

Blue Red and White  (Painting ID: AG-0205-KA)

Struck from the List

Struck from the List by  Paul Klee (Painting ID: AK-0411-KA)


With-Two-Dromedaries-and-a-Donkey by  Paul Klee (Painting ID: AK-0417-KA)

Color Field 18

Color Field 18  (Painting ID: AL-0018-KA)
Special Price!

Color Field 19

Color Field 19  (Painting ID: AL-0019-KA)
Special Price!


Sunrise   (Painting ID: AL-0042-KA)

Abstract Head

Abstract Head by  Alfred Henry Maurer (Painting ID: AL-0091-KA)

Fauve Landscape 97

Fauve Landscape 97 by  Alfred Henry Maurer (Painting ID: AL-0097-KA)

View of Obuda

View of Obuda by  Sandor Galimberti (Painting ID: AL-0232-KA)

St Rafael

St Rafael by  Sandor Galimberti (Painting ID: AL-0235-KA)


Harbour  (Painting ID: AL-0323-KA)

A Rooster

A Rooster  (Painting ID: AN-0969-A)

Resting Horses

Resting Horses  (Painting ID: AN-2155-KA)

Western Trail

Western Trail  (Painting ID: AN-2156-KA)

Round Up

Round  Up   (Painting ID: AN-2158-KA)

On the Range 59

On the Range 59  (Painting ID: AN-2159-KA)


Roundup  (Painting ID: AN-2163-KA)

On the Range 64

On the Range 64  (Painting ID: AN-2164-KA)

Moulin Rouge at Dusk

Moulin Rouge at Dusk  (Painting ID: CI-1360-KA)

Dolbadern Castle

Dolbadern Castle by  William Turner (Painting ID: CI-1459-KA)

Town at Suset

Town at Suset by  William Turner (Painting ID: CI-1467-KA)


Chicago   (Painting ID: CI-3190-KA)

Christ and His Desciples

Christ and His Desciples by  Odilon Redon (Painting ID: CK-0032-KA)

Study for The Meadows Gloucester

Study for The Meadows Gloucester by  Thomas Eakins (Painting ID: CL-4070-KA)

Child at the Beach

Child at the Beach by  Mathias J. Alten (Painting ID: ED-0092-KA)

The drinkers Paris

The drinkers Paris by  Jean Beraud (Painting ID: EI-0852-KA)

Wild on Brown

Wild on Brown  (Painting ID: EI-1166-KA)

Woman Liberation 81

Woman Liberation 81  (Painting ID: EI-1181-KA)

Woman Liberation 82

Woman Liberation 82  (Painting ID: EI-1182-KA)

Small Talk

Small Talk  (Painting ID: EI-1221-A)
Special Price!

Sunday Drive

Sunday Drive  (Painting ID: GE-0082-A)
Special Price!

Sax Player 19

Sax Player 19  (Painting ID: GE-1519-KA)

Pool in the Desert

Pool in the Desert by  Frederic Remington (Painting ID: GE-2015-KA)

Floating Ice

Floating Ice by  George Bellows (Painting ID: GE-2220-KA)

Morning Snow

Morning Snow by  George Bellows (Painting ID: GE-2221-KA)

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