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Office and reception Oil Paintings

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Ractangle and Circle

Ractangle and Circle by  Kasimir Malevich (Painting ID: AB-9034-KA)

Suprematism 36

Suprematism 36 by  Kasimir Malevich (Painting ID: AB-9036-KA)

Suprematism 37

Suprematism 37 by  Kasimir Malevich (Painting ID: AB-9037-KA)

An Englishman in Russia

An Englishman in Russia by  Kasimir Malevich (Painting ID: AB-9072-KA)


Aviator by  Kasimir Malevich (Painting ID: AB-9073-KA)

Olive Trees in the Judean Hills

Olive Trees in the Judean Hills by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0316-KA)

Road to Jerusalem

Road to Jerusalem by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0319-KA)

Rocks Among the Houses

Rocks Among the Houses by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0322-KA)

Pink Sunset

Pink Sunset by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0329-KA)

City in the Clouds

City in the Clouds by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0333-KA)

Human Nature and Technology

Human Nature and Technology by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0334-KA)

Motion in Space

Motion in Space by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0338-KA)

Memorial 1

Memorial 1 by  Dan Livni (Painting ID: AD-0364-KA)

Springendes Pferd

Springendes Pferd by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AF-0172-KA)

Zerbochene Formen

Zerbochene Formen by  Franz Marc (Painting ID: AF-0183-KA)

La fleche de Notre Dame

La fleche de Notre Dame by  Robert Delaunay (Painting ID: AF-0231-KA)

Dynamism of a Soccer Player

Dynamism of a Soccer Player by  Umberto Boccioni (Painting ID: AF-0341-KA)

States of Mind The Farewells

States of Mind The Farewells by  Umberto Boccioni (Painting ID: AF-0344-KA)


Achievement  (Painting ID: AG-0017-KA)


Speed  (Painting ID: AG-0025-KA)


Fields  (Painting ID: AG-0027-KA)

Farbige Formen

Farbige Formen by  August Macke (Painting ID: AG-0030-KA)

Colored Forms

Colored Forms by  August Macke (Painting ID: AG-0032-KA)

Yellow and Blue

Yellow and Blue  (Painting ID: AG-0064-KA)

Serene 1

Serene 1  (Painting ID: AG-0065-KA)

Light Sources

Light Sources  (Painting ID: AG-0067-KA)


Spectrum  (Painting ID: AG-0068-KA)


Essence  (Painting ID: AG-0173-KA)

Blue Red and White

Blue Red and White  (Painting ID: AG-0205-KA)

Circular Forms

Circular Forms by  Robert Delaunay (Painting ID: AG-0220-KA)


Circular by  Robert Delaunay (Painting ID: AG-0221-KA)

Tour Eiffel et Champ de Mars

Tour Eiffel et Champ de Mars by  Robert Delaunay (Painting ID: AG-0226-KA)

The Red Tour

The Red Tour by  Robert Delaunay (Painting ID: AG-0227-KA)

Outburst of Fear

Outburst of Fear by  Paul Klee (Painting ID: AK-0416-KA)


Conqueror by  Paul Klee (Painting ID: AK-0439-KA)

Carpet of Memory

Carpet of Memory by  Paul Klee (Painting ID: AK-0450-KA)

Ad Marginem

Ad Marginem by  Paul Klee (Painting ID: AK-0456-KA)

Crystal Gradation

Crystal Gradation by  Paul Klee (Painting ID: AK-0458-KA)

Beer and Playing Car

Beer and Playing Car by  Juan Gris (Painting ID: AK-0497-KA)

Color Field 18

Color Field 18  (Painting ID: AL-0018-KA)
Special Price!

Color Field 19

Color Field 19  (Painting ID: AL-0019-KA)
Special Price!

Western Skies

Western Skies  (Painting ID: AL-0020-KA)

Sunset 40

Sunset 40  (Painting ID: AL-0040-KA)
Special Price!


Linear  (Painting ID: AL-0043-KA)

Abstract Head

Abstract Head by  Alfred Henry Maurer (Painting ID: AL-0091-KA)

Landscape 95

Landscape 95 by  Alfred Henry Maurer (Painting ID: AL-0095-KA)

Landscape Tree

Landscape Tree by  Alfred Henry Maurer (Painting ID: AL-0098-KA)


Taban by  Sandor Galimberti (Painting ID: AL-0234-KA)

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