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Gauguin, Paul, France 1848 to 1903 Oil Paintings

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Paul Gauguin was born in Paris, France, of a French father and a Peruvian mother. He lived in Lima where he served in the merchant marine from 1865 to 1871 and traveled in the tropics. Gauguin later worked as a stockbroker's clerk in Paris but painted in his free time. He began working with Camille Pissarro in 1874 and showed in every Impressionist exhibition between 1879 and 1886. By 1884 Gauguin had moved with his family to Copenhagen, where he unsuccessfully pursued a business career. He returned to Paris in 1885 to paint full-time, leaving his family in Denmark. He traveled to Panama and Martinique in 1887 in search of more exotic subject matter.Gauguin turned to primitive cultures for inspiration,having returned to Paris, Gauguin auctioned his paintings to raise money for a voyage to Tahiti. Two years later illness forced him to return to Paris, where, with the critic Charles Morice, he began a book about Tahiti. Gauguin was able to return to Tahiti in 1895. In 1899 he championed the cause of French settlers in Tahiti in a political journal, and founded his own periodical, Le Sourire. In 1901 the artist moved to the Marquesas, where he died.
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Words of the Devil 28

Words of the Devil 28 by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0328-KA)

Brooding Woman

Brooding Woman by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0330-KA)

Barbarous Tales 32

Barbarous Tales 32 by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0332-KA)

Hail Mary, Orana Maria 34

Hail Mary, Orana Maria 34 by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0334-KA)

Hail Mary, Orana Maria 5

Hail Mary, Orana Maria 5 by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0335-KA)
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Arearea by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0336-KA)

Sacred Spring 38

Sacred Spring 38 by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0338-KA)

The Nativity

The Nativity by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0340-KA)


Nevermore by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0386-KA)

The King s Wife

The King s Wife by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0388-KA)

Sacred Spring 90

Sacred Spring 90 by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0390-KA)

Still Life with Mandolin

Still Life with Mandolin by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0401-KA)

Mandolina and Flowers

Mandolina and Flowers by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0403-KA)

Bouquet of Flowers with a Window

Bouquet of Flowers with a Window by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0405-KA)


Bouquet by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0407-KA)

Bouquet of Flowers 09

Bouquet of Flowers 09 by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0409-KA)

Sunflowers 10

Sunflowers 10 by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0410-KA)

Fruit 14

Fruit 14 by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0414-KA)

Still Life with Mangoes

Still Life with Mangoes by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0416-KA)

Still Life with Fan

Still Life with Fan by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0418-KA)

At the Window

At the Window by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0420-KA)

Still Life with Three Puppies

Still Life with Three Puppies by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0422-KA)

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