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Bar and Restaurant Oil Paintings

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Card Players

Card Players  (Painting ID: EI-6115-KA)

After Hours 19

After Hours 19  (Painting ID: EI-6119-KA)
Special Price!

After Hours 20

After Hours 20  (Painting ID: EI-6120-A)
Red Tag Price!

In the Moonlight 21

In the Moonlight 21  (Painting ID: EI-6121-A)
Red Tag Price!

Scene Through the Window

Scene Through the Window  (Painting ID: EI-6122-A)
Special Price!

Blond with Hats

Blond with Hats  (Painting ID: EI-6125-KA)

Checkmate 26

Checkmate 26  (Painting ID: EI-6126-A)
Red Tag Price!

Checkmate 27

Checkmate 27  (Painting ID: EI-6127-KA)
Special Price!

Checkmate 28

Checkmate 28  (Painting ID: EI-6128-KA)
Special Price!

In the Moonlight 30

In the Moonlight 30  (Painting ID: EI-6130-A)
Red Tag Price!

Cafe 31

Cafe 31  (Painting ID: EI-6131-KA)

Cafe 33

Cafe 33  (Painting ID: EI-6133-KA)
Special Price!

Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant by  Theodore Wores (Painting ID: ER-0218-KA)

The Chinese Fishmonger

The Chinese Fishmonger by  Theodore Wores (Painting ID: ER-0220-KA)

The Four Breton Girls 64

The Four Breton Girls 64 by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0264-KA)

At the Window

At the Window by  Paul Gauguin (Painting ID: GA-0420-KA)

A Mans Talbe Reversed

A Mans Talbe Reversed by  William Michael Harnett (Painting ID: GA-0446-KA)

Just Dessert

Just Dessert by  William Michael Harnett (Painting ID: GA-0450-KA)

Munich Still Life 52

Munich Still Life 52 by  William Michael Harnett (Painting ID: GA-0452-KA)

Lady Carrying Fruits

Lady Carrying Fruits by  Raja Ravi Varma (Painting ID: GE-1223-KA)

The Musician 10

The Musician 10  (Painting ID: GE-1510-KA)

New Orleans Jazz

New Orleans Jazz  (Painting ID: GE-1512-KA)

New Orleans Swing 13

New Orleans Swing 13  (Painting ID: GE-1513-KA)

New Orleans Swing 14

New Orleans Swing 14  (Painting ID: GE-1514-KA)

Blues Highway

Blues Highway  (Painting ID: GE-1515-KA)

The Jazz Singer 16

The Jazz Singer 16  (Painting ID: GE-1516-KA)


Swing  (Painting ID: GE-1517-KA)


Jazz  (Painting ID: GE-1518-KA)

Sax Player 19

Sax Player 19  (Painting ID: GE-1519-KA)

Sax Player 20

Sax Player 20  (Painting ID: GE-1520-KA)
Special Price!

The Jazz Club

The Jazz Club  (Painting ID: GE-1522-KA)

The Sax Player

The Sax Player  (Painting ID: GE-1523-KA)


Trevor  (Painting ID: GE-1524-KA)

Seaside Terrace

Seaside Terrace  (Painting ID: LA-1112-KA)

Amalfi Coast 14

Amalfi Coast 14  (Painting ID: LA-1114-KA)

Terrace on Bellagio Bay 16

Terrace on Bellagio Bay 16  (Painting ID: LA-1116-KA)

Cafe on the Riviera

Cafe on the Riviera  (Painting ID: LA-1117-KA)

Terrace at Bellagio

Terrace at Bellagio  (Painting ID: LA-1118-KA)

Romantic Bellagio 20

Romantic Bellagio 20  (Painting ID: LA-1120-KA)

Romantic Bellagio 21

Romantic Bellagio 21  (Painting ID: LA-1121-KA)

Romantic Bellagio 22

Romantic Bellagio 22  (Painting ID: LA-1122-KA)

Romantic Bellagio 23

Romantic Bellagio 23  (Painting ID: LA-1123-KA)

Vista Riviera 26

Vista Riviera 26  (Painting ID: LA-1126-KA)

Riviera Villas 29

Riviera Villas 29  (Painting ID: LA-1129-KA)

Santorini Terrace

Santorini Terrace  (Painting ID: LA-1131-KA)
Special Price!

Vista Riviera 32

Vista Riviera 32  (Painting ID: LA-1132-KA)

Walkway to the Sea

Walkway to the Sea  (Painting ID: LA-1133-KA)

Terrace in Portofino 48

Terrace in Portofino 48  (Painting ID: LA-1148-KA)

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