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Abstract, Contemporary Oil Paintings

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Abstract paintings are of art that has no reference to any figurative reality,it is art that depicts real forms in a simplified or reduced way ,keeping only an allusion of the original natural subject.Abstract art is not an invention of the twentieth century,in the Jewish and Islamic religions the depiction of human beings was not allowed therefore, the Islamic and Jewish cultures developed a high standard of decorative arts.
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Abstract 1055 recommended for Gallery Wrap

Abstract 1055 recommended for Gallery Wrap  (Painting ID: AB-1155-KA)
Special Price!

Familiar Point

Familiar Point  (Painting ID: AB-1210-KA)
Red Tag Price!


Crossroad  (Painting ID: AB-1220-KA)

Colorful Creation

Colorful Creation  (Painting ID: AB-1230-KA)


Tuesday  (Painting ID: AB-1240-KA)


Atitude  (Painting ID: AB-1310-KA)

Blue Hues

Blue Hues  (Painting ID: AB-1320-KA)

Blue and Yellow 40

Blue and Yellow 40  (Painting ID: AB-1340-A)
Red Tag Price!

Brown Collage

Brown Collage  (Painting ID: AB-2010-KA)


Flame  (Painting ID: AB-2120-KA)

Abstract Collage 30

Abstract Collage 30  (Painting ID: AB-2130-KA)

Enchanted 2

Enchanted 2  (Painting ID: AB-2180-A)
Red Tag Price!


Expressions  (Painting ID: AB-2210-KA)
Special Price!


Electricity  (Painting ID: AB-2230-A)
Red Tag Price!


XII  (Painting ID: AB-2240-A)
Red Tag Price!

Gray on Gray

Gray on Gray  (Painting ID: AB-2245-A)
Red Tag Price!


Accomplishment  (Painting ID: AB-3000-A)
Red Tag Price!


Collage  (Painting ID: AB-3100-A)
Red Tag Price!

Square Thought

Square Thought  (Painting ID: AB-5187-KA)

Bold Patterns

Bold Patterns  (Painting ID: AB-5189-A)
Special Price!


Odyssey  (Painting ID: AB-5194-A)
Red Tag Price!


Tangle  (Painting ID: AB-5195-KA)

Straight Up

Straight Up  (Painting ID: AB-6200-A)
Red Tag Price!

Geometrical Shapes

Geometrical Shapes  (Painting ID: AB-9030-KA)

Woman Sitting

Woman Sitting  (Painting ID: AB-9180-KA)

Woman Standing

Woman Standing  (Painting ID: AB-9182-KA)

Woman Dressing 84

Woman Dressing 84  (Painting ID: AB-9184-KA)
Special Price!

Female Abstract 1

Female Abstract 1  (Painting ID: AB-9201-A)
Special Price!

Female Abstract 2

Female Abstract 2  (Painting ID: AB-9202-A)
Special Price!

Female Abstract 4

Female Abstract 4  (Painting ID: AB-9204-A)
Special Price!

Summer 06

Summer 06  (Painting ID: AB-9206-KA)

First Kiss

First Kiss  (Painting ID: AB-9355-KA)

Wild Horses 61

Wild Horses 61  (Painting ID: AF-0161-KA)

Cold Landscape

Cold Landscape  (Painting ID: AF-0324-KA)

Yellow Palette

Yellow Palette  (Painting ID: AG-0002-KA)

Merging Orange

Merging Orange  (Painting ID: AG-0003-KA)


Generation  (Painting ID: AG-0006-KA)

Feeling Beige

Feeling Beige  (Painting ID: AG-0008-KA)


Achievement  (Painting ID: AG-0017-KA)

Abstract Shapes

Abstract Shapes  (Painting ID: AG-0022-KA)


Speed  (Painting ID: AG-0025-KA)


Fields  (Painting ID: AG-0027-KA)

Yellow and Blue

Yellow and Blue  (Painting ID: AG-0064-KA)

Serene 1

Serene 1  (Painting ID: AG-0065-KA)

Light Sources

Light Sources  (Painting ID: AG-0067-KA)


Spectrum  (Painting ID: AG-0068-KA)


Intrigue  (Painting ID: AG-0130-A)
Special Price!

Abstract Collage 32

Abstract Collage 32  (Painting ID: AG-0132-KA)

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