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Landscape at the Tegersee

Landscape at the Tegersee by  August Macke (Painting ID: AB-0308-KA)

Orchids and HummingBird

Orchids and HummingBird by  Martin Johnson Heade (Painting ID: AN-0830-KA)

Elephants 58

Elephants 58  (Painting ID: AN-2058-KA)

Santorini 52

Santorini 52  (Painting ID: CI-1652-KA)

Washington Crossing the Delaware

Washington Crossing the Delaware by  Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze (Painting ID: CL-2763-KA)


Horseman by  Theodore Gericault (Painting ID: CM-0071-KA)

Picking the Favorite (detail)

Picking the Favorite (detail) by  Giulio Rosati (Painting ID: EI-1183-KA)

The Mirror 35

The Mirror 35 by  Robert Reid (Painting ID: ER-0035-KA)

Poppy Field 19

Poppy Field 19  (Painting ID: LA-5319-KA)

Tuscan Vista 12

Tuscan Vista 12  (Painting ID: LA-5412-KA)

Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains by  Albert Bierstadt (Painting ID: LA-5841-KA)

Regatta at Argenteuil

Regatta at Argenteuil by  Claude Monet (Painting ID: MO-0886-KA)

Grapes a Pineapple Peaches and Hazelnuts

Grapes a Pineapple Peaches and Hazelnuts by  Johan Laurentz Jensen (Painting ID: SL-0178-KA)
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