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Wednesday, August 26, 2020 - by Oil Paintings gallery
"Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is a painting that speaks." Plutarch

The first thing that acquires the attention of any person when they walk through an office or a hotel or a living space is an artwork, preferably a painting. It hardly matters whether a person is an art lover or not. A beautiful painting with vivid colors, thematic representation of expression with bold brushstrokes have always enchanted people.

From time unknown, paintings have been a human way of expressing their feelings, thoughts, and ideas. Neanderthals (ancient man) any form of art on any surface with unclear ideas as the chief intention behind was to communicate. But the Homo sapiens (modern man) had the clarity of thoughts and feelings, so began a colorful journey of paintings. Beginning from cave paintings to Frescoes on ceilings and finally, paintings on canvas, this rather artful journey brings one to the Oil Paintings gallery.

At Oil paintings Gallery, one can find thousands of paintings that are entirely hand-painted with original craftsmanship. These canvas paintings are beautiful reproduction of the original paintings, which begin from a blank canvas and end in a museum quality artwork finish.

What is painting reproduction?

In simple words, we can describe a painting reproduction as a copy of another work of art. It could be a reproduction of a painting or an original print or a drawing. There is a minimal creative process involved, but painting reproduction has a finesse of original artwork.

Paintings as an investment

Paintings are used to communicate, decorate, show off the painter's skill, or evoke a response or a feeling. It is tricky and very costly for art lovers to find the original artwork of contemporary artists or even modern artists. Even if one does find an original masterpiece, it is very heavy on the pockets. Considering Art or Paintings as an avenue for investment is the recent trend. Investment in paintings or art is a long term investment. People invest in art because they know that there won't be a decline in the art's appreciative value. However, the value of any artwork or painting depends on the artist's reputation and the economy. But surely the investment in art can be a small part of the investment portfolio. Therefore it is enough to make one understand that if a person wants to flaunt his interest in art but not at the cost of his lifelong savings, they can surely find beautiful painting reproductions online.

Many art galleries are into selling painting reproductions by way of handmade oil paintings or custom paintings recreated by professional artists appointed by them. These painting reproductions are made available online at a much lower price with door-step delivery. The paintings are ready with the framing and ready to be hung. Find paintings for sale at many of such online museums or galleries to quench your thirst for possessing a painting to exhibit that vanity in you. 

Painting reproduction covers all sorts of paintings ranging from the subjects of abstract and modern art to animals, birds, boats or ships, American theme, People and their surroundings, local life, urban or village life, fantasy, figurative and portraits, ethnic, religious themes, to mythology, landscapes, sceneries, historical building, to places, famous people, structures, sculptures, seascapes, modern art, and still life.

Additionally, painting reproduction also uses expressions of various styles like Victorian, Orientalism, Realism, Naturalism, Baroque, Renaissance, Roman, Contemporary, Classic, Neoclassic, Impressionism, Naive, and so on.

Painting reproduction process

The painting reproduction undertaken by many galleries and museums has a particular process. They recreate thousands of handmade oil portraits & paintings on genuine canvas in a traditional manner using high-quality oil painting materials and various techniques. The skilled and professional artists start the painting process from scratch on a blank canvas until it's museum quality finish. These galleries do not use any printers or any other compromising methods and also avoid the use of computer technology or printing presses to distinguish themselves from other competitors. They also accept customized orders in case a person wants a reproduction of the painting of any particular artist or subject or technique of painting. The skilled artists are able enough to paint customized oil paintings of the digital photographs of any person.

An ensemble of thousands of the world's most exquisite oil paintings, ranging from American and European masterpieces to more contemporary works, is now available at your fingertips at Oil Paintings Gallery.


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