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Lighthouse Oil Paintings
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The LighthouseThe Lighthouse by  Alfred Thompson Bricher (Painting ID: LA-0807-KA)
A Streamer at Trieste LighthouseA Streamer at Trieste Lighthouse  (Painting ID: LA-1570-KA)
Coastal Scene with Lighthouse 74Coastal Scene with Lighthouse 74  (Painting ID: LA-1574-KA)
Ushuaia lighthouseUshuaia lighthouse  (Painting ID: LA-1578-KA)
Lighthouse CoastLighthouse Coast  (Painting ID: LA-1585-KA)
Lighthouse 90Lighthouse 90  (Painting ID: LA-1590-A)
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Lighthouse 95Lighthouse 95  (Painting ID: LA-1595-KA)
The Light of PeaceThe Light of Peace  (Painting ID: LA-1611-KA)
Ocean BreezeOcean Breeze  (Painting ID: LA-1620-KA)
The Way HomeThe Way Home  (Painting ID: LA-1824-KA)
Moonlit Seascape with ShipwreckMoonlit Seascape with Shipwreck by  Ivan Aivazovsky (Painting ID: LA-1835-KA)
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Sail Boat 98Sail Boat 98  (Painting ID: LA-1998-KA)
Shipping off Newlyn HarbourShipping off Newlyn Harbour by  Christopher Wood (Painting ID: LA-6258-KA)