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Oil Paintings by Edward Hicks, America 1780 to 1849
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Edward Hick was born in Attleboro, Pa. He was a coach and sign painter from an early age. In middle age he began to produce paintings of farm scenes and landscapes in a naive, or folk, style.
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The Peaceable KingdomThe Peaceable Kingdom by  Edward Hicks (Painting ID: AN-1080-KA)
The Cornell FarmThe Cornell Farm by  Edward Hicks (Painting ID: AN-1081-KA)
Noahs ArkNoahs Ark by  Edward Hicks (Painting ID: AN-1082-KA)
The Grave of William PennThe Grave of William Penn by  Edward Hicks (Painting ID: AN-1083-KA)
The Residence of David TwiningThe Residence of David Twining by  Edward Hicks (Painting ID: AN-1084-KA)
Penn s Treaty with the IndiansPenn s Treaty with the Indians by  Edward Hicks (Painting ID: CI-3335-KA)
The Landing of ColumbusThe Landing of Columbus by  Edward Hicks (Painting ID: CI-3336-KA)