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Oil Paintings by El Greco, Greece 1541 to 1614
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"The Greek," who signed paintings with his Greek name, Domenikos Theotokopoulos, was influenced by his birthplace. Crete was a center for the Byzantine artistic tradition, concerned more with abstraction and pattern than with recording natural appearances. From 1568 to 1577, El Greco lived in Venice and Rome, where Titian's broad brushwork and bright colors, Tintoretto's sweeping movement, and Michelangelo's monumental figures reshaped his Byzantine heritage without replacing it. He later left for Spain. Failing to win favor at the Madrid court, he settled in Toledo, Spain's cultural and religious center where he developed his trademark style-elongated figures, free brushwork, expressive lighting, and acid color-a manner . Acclaimed for his penetrating portraits, El Greco also received ecclesiastical commissions throughout Spain, including designing altarpieces. His paintings of Toledo are among Europe's first pure landscapes.
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Christ Healing the Blind ManChrist Healing the Blind Man by  El Greco (Painting ID: CM-1301-KA)
Christ on the Cross Adored by Two DonorsChrist on the Cross Adored by Two Donors by  El Greco (Painting ID: CM-1302-KA)
St. Mary MagdaleneSt. Mary Magdalene by  El Greco (Painting ID: CM-1303-KA)
The Agony in the GardenThe Agony in the Garden by  El Greco (Painting ID: CM-1304-KA)
The Annunciation 05The Annunciation 05 by  El Greco (Painting ID: CM-1305-KA)
Christ Driving the Traders from the TempleChrist Driving the Traders from the Temple by  El Greco (Painting ID: CM-1306-KA)